The Adventure of Writing a Book, Part 29

Because of my background as a newspaper and magazine journalist, I only write fact-based fiction. My novels are based on real events, real people, real places.

My first book, FIND EDSELL!, is about a 17-year old who disappears on the Jersey Shore. Adults and teens join in the search which leads to the Pine Barrens, a million-plus acre woodland preserve in the heart of New Jersey. There a medical sci-fi angle and it all ends with a huge forest fire.

To write the book, I spent time in the Pine Barrens. I introduced myself to the men of the Forest Fire Service. They showed me fire stations, took me out to fires, allowed me in fire trucks and in towers and weather stations. For the medical parts, I read books on the human brain and interviewed nurses and doctors. I knew the Jersey Shore because we vacationed there.

I had the plot, the characters, the knowledge and the book flowed easily. I got good reviews, nice sales, one award from Writer’s Digest magazine

My next book is called FOOTES CREEK. That research was easy. I am a life-long golfer. On vacations, my husband and I played Pebble Beach, Blackwolf Run, Harbour Town Link, Sawgrass, and others. He had served on the board of a private club; I was ladies golf chairman several times. We have friends who are PGA Pros and golf course superintendents.

Writing my golf murder-mystery was fun because I knew the inner workings of those prestigious old-boy clubs. You can read it now for free on my website through Inkitt.

I just finished my third book, LOSING IT, a cross-country thriller where a wealthy woman from New Jersey must become homeless to escape a vicious killer. She flees from New Jersey to Connecticut to Pennsylvania and on to Montana. My husband I made that trip two years ago. I spoke with dozens of homeless people and spent time in trailer parks. I interviewed folks who work with the homeless and read dozens of books about the homeless.

Now I am looking for agents and/or publishers. Keep your fingers crossed! I want to keep doing this. More stories are floating around in my head. I just need to do the research!

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