The Adventure of Writing a Book, Part 28

Use Your Imagination!

In order to write novels, poetry, children’s stories or humor, you need an imagination. As children, we see faces in the clouds, rainbows in the water, and monsters in the trees. A sudden click or crash in the house when all is still brings to mind monsters and devils. We lie in the grass on a summer afternoon and dream; we hike through the woods and see ourselves as heroes combating aliens in a far-off galaxy.

As we grow older and busier and more responsible, we don’t have time to dream and imagine events, places and things. We are so caught up in the moment we forget the wonderful delicious world of imagination.

As writers, we really need to take the time to explore that empty space, the unknown universe of our imagination.

Today, I needed a break from editing my book so I took a stroll through a nearby vacant lot. I took a few deep breaths and forgot about Chapter 36 and whether I should use the past or present tense in a flashback. I put away my concerns about my website and my potential new agent and what I was having for dinner. I cleared my mind and looked around.

There is was: a face in a tree trunk. A monster face with long droopy eyes and a sagging mouth. I took a picture with my cellphone and continued walking. Were there more faces in the trees?

Yes! I saw one, then another. Soon most of the trees and bushes had faces. Something rustled nearby and instead of being scared, I was glad. I had liberated my mind, my imagination was running free and wild through an overgrown vacant lot just down the street from my house.
I walked home strangely relaxed and ready to work, feeling strangely liberated and serene.

So do it, dear friends, no matter what your job or commitment is. Relax for a few minutes, clear your mind and be a kid again. Take a walk and let your imagination run wild.

It’s good for you!

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