The Adventure of Writing a Book, Part 22

Writer’s Conferences

One of the most exciting and productive things you can do as a writer is attend Writer’s Conferences.  Over my writing career, I have attended several and they are totally fantastic and energizing.

There are many writer’s associations across the county.  They hold meetings, sponsor speakers, conduct webinars, provide information about the industry, and most hold at least one conference a year. 

One of the largest conferences is the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference in New York City and I’m happy to say that I am leaving today to attend it.  There will be dozens of classes on various topics like dialogue and character development, selling your book, imagery, point of view, building tension, writing graphic novels, etc.  It’s like dying and going to heaven for a serious writer. 

One of the best things is interfacing with other writers.  They may not be writing in your genre, but everyone is open to dialogue.  If you are a mystery writer talking to romance writer, you’ll have fun, make new friends and always learn something new. 

I will be participating in the Pitch Fest, which is a series of short face-to-face meetings with agents and publishers.  You have 90 seconds to tell them about yourself and your book.  If they are interested, they will ask to see more of your work.  Many book contracts are forged at writer’s conferences, or at least the initial contact is made. 

To sell a book to a publisher or to get an agent to represent you is a dauting task.  Many publishers will only look at new material through an agent.  A cold call (email or letter) will most often be ignored.  Many agents will not look at you until you have a published book.  It’s a vicious circle and that’s why self-publishing has grown to much in recent years. 

I look forward to pitching my book(s) this coming weekend.  If have my materials prepared and am exciting to get started.  Bring it on! 

I’ll keep you posted on what’s happening in my next blog on Monday night

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