My Research

Many thanks to the men and women of the New Jersey Forest Fire Service for sharing their stories and their knowledge with me. These include, but are not limited to: Maris Gabliks, Jeff Brower, David Harrison, Frank Scerbo, Tom Tansley, Roger (Scottie) McLachlan, Joe Hughes, Bob Stauber, Bill Edwards, Samuel Moore III, Art Bethanis, and Paul Brenner.

I would also like to thank various residents and researchers of the Barrens for helping me learn about the people and ways of that region. These include Bobby Van Pelt, Betsy Carpenter, Norma Milner, Marilyn Schmidt, and Christian M. Bethmann.

Thanks also to Tom Jardine and Jim Bemiss for flying me over the Pine Barrens out of Allaire Airport; to Don Larson who taught me about weapons, especially bow hunting; Jim Lowney of the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station who taught me about Power Plants and how electricity moves through high tension wires; Frank Scerbo who taught me about volunteer fire departments; and finally to Jane Bateman, former operating room nurse for brain surgery, who taught me the sights and sounds of that theater.

These are some the actual photos of the Pine Barrens of the New Jersey Shore taken during my research prior to Superstorm Sandy:

Barrens Road

Pine Barrens Trail


Buzby's Store

Buzby’s Store


Fire 2

Fire in the Barrens


Pine Barrens 2

Tinder Dry Forest


Seaside 1

Seaside Pier


Seaside 4

On The Boardwalk


Seaside 7

The Beach


Seaside 9



High Tension Wires from the Nuclear Power Plant

High Tension Wires from the Nuclear Power Plant


Division B Headquarters NJ Forest Fire Service

Division B Headquarters NJ Forest Fire Service


Old Cranberry Bog

Old Cranberry Bog