My First 24 Hour Fast

I’d been thinking about trying a 24 hour fast for several weeks. My daughter Cora, who owns a
gym in Richmond, VA, does it regularly because of its benefits. I read several articles about how
fasting helps with weight loss, digestive tract health, and cognitive enhancement.

Sounds good to me! I think I’ll try it. Here’s how it went:

4:00 p.m., Tuesday, June 1. I cook dinner for myself and save some for my sweet husband Gene.
We usually eat around 7:30, but since most of the articles advised me to eat my last meal late in
the afternoon, that’s what I did.

4:30 p.m.: Dinner consists of sliced ham, a sweet potato, cucumbers and onions in a Balsamic
vinaigrette. Sliced strawberries for dessert. Iced tea. All too soon, I’m done, my stomach is full,
but can I last until 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, consuming only water and clear tea?

7:30 p.m.: I drink unsweetened iced tea while my husband eats his dinner. I watch enviously
when he pours himself a glass of Chardonnay. Oh well, suck it up, Elsa. You can do this!
I read my book, watch the news, and a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game. Finally, at 10:30, I’m
ready for bed. I put a bottle of water next to me.

I sleep like a rock. A couple of pit stops, then back to sleep immediately.

Alarm sounds at 6:45. It’s time to get up and walk the dog (Roxie, a large husky mix rescue).
I’m determined to perform my normal activities today, make no changes except for not eating. I drink more water before I go. I’m amazed, I’ve had nothing to eat since 5:00 and I’m not hungry.

As I walk Roxie, it’s raining, but warm. I notice that colors are brighter this morning. Is it the rain or my clearing mind? Everything is clear and happy and distinct. I love it.

When I get back, I make big pot of English Breakfast Tea. The day goes well. Whenever I feel hungry, I sip water or tea. I do my exercises and Yoga-stretches, I do household chores and I work at my computer, editing a few chapters of my friend’s book.

At noon, I fix lunch for my husband: sausages and eggs and an English Muffin. I sit across from him and sip my tea. I tell him how great I feel, how alive, how energetic. How everything around me is bright and beautiful.

I will get through the rest of day until 5:00! No food, not even a cracker or piece of cheese, not
mints or even gum. I’m determined to finish what I started!

The afternoon rolls on. More editing, making appointments on the phone, talking to the men
who are fixing my sprinkler system outside. I go for my usual power walk at 4:00. That will be
my last physical task of the day.

I walk my usual mile and a half and my stomach growls a couple of times. I’m really hungry
now and the deadline looms ahead. I will finish what I started.

Finally, it’s 5:00. I pour myself a glass of cranberry juice and it tastes great. Several articles
strongly suggested not eating a big meal immediately after the fast and that’s what I’m doing.
Fruit juice and an orange will hold me until dinner at 7:30.

I did it! I feel terrific. I may do this again. Stay tuned!

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