The Adventure of Writing Poetry

Just this past week, I received notice that one of my poems had been included in a new anthology published by Poets Choice.  The anthology is called CLOSE FRIENDS AND RELATIVES.  

I ordered the book and when I got it and saw my poem right there on page 53, I cried tears of joy.  My poems have appeared in various magazines and on-line journals, but never in a printed book!  There is something magical about a solid book that you can hold in your hands, pass on to your friends and family, put on the nightstand when you fall asleep, or next to your computer when you need a break.  

It’s filled with various kinds of poetry and fun to read.  I see poems as word pictures, as a way of expressing ourselves, showing others a thought or message in short form.  A blending of sight, sound and thought.  

Here’s the poem.  Let me know what you think.  It’s also on my Facebook page.


 Good Friends


Good friends are precious, priceless commodities.    

Not connected through parents, siblings, or birth, 

they have no obligation but love.    


Good friends are like blue sky, buttered popcorn and sweet 

chicken roasting in the oven on a cold winter afternoon.  

They are

the book we read over and over again, our favorite bottle of 

cabernet and 

sometimes a Texaco station when the gas tank flashes 



They are laughter at midnight, early morning telephone 


hugs of understanding and a quick winks in a crowded 


They last a lifetime, forgiving mistakes, laughing at twice-

told tales, encouraging us, scolding us, rejoicing with us 

when times are good and weeping with us when we mourn.  


They endue separations and misunderstandings, and stand 

beside us in the 

ceremonies of our lives.  They are our bridesmaids and 

groomsmen, godparents to our children, and fellow-

mourners in our grief.  When we are feeble, they help us 

across the street and up the stairs.  When we die, they carry 

us into the beyond.    

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