My Writing Village – Lois Spinola

Gene and I traveled to New Canaan, Connecticut, last weekend to attend a memorial service for a dear friend, Lois Spinola. She passed away at the age of 92 from Alzheimer’s Disease.A beautiful lady with a great sense of humor, a quick wit and loving personality, Lois lived a long and gracious and fruitful life.

I knew Lois because she was the wife of Ray Spinola, the managing partner of the New York office of Deloitte & Touch, where my husband was a partner. With much responsibility in entertaining and interfacing with employees of the firm, clients, and business people, Lois was always gracious and smiling and fun to hang out with.

Several of the men in the New York practice formed a golf group that traveled yearly to places like Firestone, Pebble Beach, TPC, and even to Ireland. One evening at a black tie event in New York City, we wives were listening to our husbands reminiscing about the fun time they had just had on their annual outing. We looked at each other and said (almost simultaneously), let’s have a ladies’ golf outing!

I agreed to host the first one in Ocean Isle Beach and we had a great time. Golf was only a part of our adventure that week. Yes, we played golf, but we also walked the beach, shopped, went to shows and dined at great restaurants all over the Grand Strand.

And so it began. While the men traveled all over the US, the Galpals only wanted to come to Ocean Isle. For 10 years or more, we gathered in a rented house on Ocean Isle Beach and had a blast! Lois, although she was the oldest, was the ring leader. She enjoyed her wine, loved to shop and told outrageous jokes and stories. A good sport, she smiled when it rained on our golf outings, and flitted tirelessly through all the shops and outlet malls.

On their 60th anniversary last year, her husband Ray threw a big party in her honor. She was still able to recognize the Galpals and greeted us warmly.

Last week, we attended Lois Spinola’s Memorial Service. More than 100 friends and family showed up to pay tribute to this amazing woman. It was truly a celebration, not a sad goodbye.

I know Lois is in a better place now, playing golf and trading stories with the other angels.

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