The Adventure of Writing a Book, Part 24

Truckers Are Cool

Next time you are on an Interstate Highway, check out the trucks.  Not the little ones, delivering local goods, but the big diesel-powered tractor-trailers.  They’re huge, they’re everywhere, and they are beautiful. 

Beautiful in power with 440+ horsepower in their engines and 10 or more gears to pull their loads.    But they are also beautifully designed.  Check out today’s colors:  orange, turquoise, red, blue, and sometimes even purple and pink.  Most have sleeping compartments. 

Years ago, most shipping was done by rail.  Today over 70% of our goods travel by truck.  We currently have 2 million tractor-trailers travelling our highways. 

In my next book, LOSING IT, Laura is fleeing a vicious killer.  Because he is connected to law enforcement, the killer can track her wherever she goes through her credit cards and cellphone.  The only way to escape is to lose it all and become homeless. 

She does and eventually finds help with some friends in a trailer park.  Unfortunately, the killer finds her again.  She escapes, thanks to a cross-country truck driver. 

He becomes the hero of the story, saving Laura’s life and eventually becoming a love-interest.  As with all my books, I do a lot of research and my research for LOSING IT has centered around the homeless and now, in the second half:  truckers. 

I am always amazed a how generous folks are in sharing their stories and information with me.  Last week I spent several hours in Wilmington NC at a Triple T Truck Center.  This company has five locations in Eastern North and South Carolina.  They sell and repair big trucks and perform many other services. 

My fictional trucker, Bart, drives a Freightliner truck which has about 40% of the semi market today.  Scott Schriver, the General Manager, was most kind. He answered questions and then, best of all, arranged for me to take a drive around their huge lot in a Freightliner.  We did not go out on the road because it is forbidden for truckers to carry passengers. 

Stay tuned for my next blog about truckers.  This is sooooo much fun!  And I’m learning a lot that I cannot learn from books.  I’ve already read several manuals and books about trucking, but to actually ride in a semi is priceless and exciting!

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