The Adventure of Writing a Book, Post #1

I write novels that are thrillers, full of mystery, murder, intrigue, romance, danger and dark places. But, I don’t just make up this stuff, I research it and call it “fact-based fiction”.

For my first book (FIND EDSELL!), I spent two years in and out of Pine Barrens of New Jersey before I put pen to paper (or, fingers to keyboard and mouse). I met residents (Pineys), listened to their stories, and traveled all over that beautiful million-acre preserve. It was education and renewal for me and I sat in total awe while members of the Forest Fire Service told of their experiences fighting fires in the pine woods. I really got into it and walked the Batona Trail and visited many historic sites and old ruined villages. Six months after finishing my research, FIND EDSELL! was born.

My second book is a golf course murder mystery called FOOTES CREEK. It is completed and now submitted to various agents and publishers.

The research for that book was easier because I had been an amateur golfer for most my adult life, playing golf all over New Jersey and North Carolina. My husband and I have been members of three different clubs. I served as both chair and tournament chair of two Ladies Golf Associations; I ran charity golf events and member-guest tournaments; I was on the Board of Directors of The First Tee of Brunswick County for seven years. And I wrote an award-winning golf column (Golf Gab) for the Brunswick Beacon for 14 years

All that became fodder for FOOTES CREEK, the story of several brutal murders at a prestigious old boys club. The book is a behind-the-scenes look and the reader meets members of the board of directors, the PGA pro, the green superintendent and other employees. Plus, there’s a great love story embedded in the story.

In the meantime, I’m working on Book #3. Tentatively called “Losing It”, the book is about a wealthy woman in New Jersey. Someone is trying to kill her because of something she knows. Because that person is very connected to law enforcement, the only way that she can escape is by becoming homeless.

Tomorrow, Sunday, September 3, I will begin a 3,000-mile odyssey to research LOSING IT. Join me in “The Adventure of Writing a Novel”. I will blog and Facebook the Adventure of Writing a Book over the next four weeks.

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