The Adventure of Writing a Book, Part 7

The last part of my next book, “Losing It”, takes place in Bozeman, Montana. There will be an exciting finish with a amazing twist. I cannot reveal that now, it would spoil the book.  I want my readers racing to the last page, gasping with excitement and fear.

In researching “Losing It”, Gene and I finished our journey in Bozeman and spent several days there. Why Bozeman? We have been there several times over the years and have good friends in the area who were excited to show us places I needed to see and to answer many of my specific questions.  

Seth and Judy Harter lived across the street from us for 28 years in New Jersey. Sadly, Seth passed away a few years ago. Judy, one of my dearest friends, still lives in New Jersey and we talk regularly.

Linn and Mary, two of their daughters, live in Bozeman and we spent hours with them on our trip.

Let me tell you about Bozeman. It is in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, just north of Yellowstone Park. The town is in a valley surrounded by huge mountains and vast forests.

Linn’s husband Doug has a cabin near the top of one of the mountains. It took us 1½ hours on unpaved steep roads in a four-wheel drive vehicle to get to it. We dodged wild cattle on the trail.

The scenery is breath-taking. The cabin has no electricity or water. A spring just uphill from the cabin, brings clean water via a hose.  

The cabin has cots and a small table with wooden chairs. There is a wood-burning stove plus an outhouse. You can hunt and fish and trap and live there forever if the rest of the world falls apart.

It is breathtakingly quiet on the top of that mountain. There are no roads, no neighbors. At night, no lights. It’s an excellent place to relax and read and regroup.

Linn and Doug often cross-country ski in that area. When the roads (using term loosely) are impassable in the winter, they can ski to their cabin for few days of peace and quiet.

I loved it and decided my heroine, Laura, needed to go there.

Now I’m home and continuing my research.  Last week, I had lunch with a woman who drove a tractor-trailer cross county for years.  She told me fascinating stories of life on the road.   Did I tell you that one of my main characters is a trucker?  Check it out on my next blog.  


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